Hidden AI Tools

AI and machine learning is being infused into every experience in a deep way, and you’re going to see a lot of that…

<GPT-3 Playground>

Free AI writing tool – Let the AI generate any text you can imagine


Just upload an image and turn it into a 3D animation

<Bluewillow AI>

An AI-powered image generating tool on Discord

<Adobe Podcast>

Speech enhancement makes voice recordings sound as if they were recorded in a professional studio


Live changes your voice in real-time, while preserving human emotion


Turn your Tweet into a video to share as Instagram Reel, Youtube Short and more


CustomGPT is a tool that enables businesses to create their own customized AI-powered chatbots


Change your voice to famous celebrities in real time


Discord based AI art generation tool


Helps developers understand, modify, and test unfamiliar codebases using natural language

<Eleven Labs>

Create natural sounding voices for creators and publishers


Learn a new language 6x faster through conversations with AI