Basic Computer Networking Quiz For Beginners

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#1. Over which protocol does live video streaming takes place?

#2. TCP is short for

#3. _____ address is a physical address

#4. The transport layer divides the transmission up into bite-sized pieces, over UDP these are called ________

#5. Which of the following are 7 layers of OSI Model?

#6. A Node in a Computer Network can be a

#7. The two most common protocols in the transport layer are

Select all that apply:

#8. The network layer is responsible for locating the destination of your _______.

#9. How many layers are there in OSI Model?

#10. Which layer transmits and receives data?

#11. Port number of HTTP and HTTPS are ____ and ____ respectively.

#12. When the session layer has successfully logged a connection between the host and remote computer the data is passed down to

#13. What is the full-form of OSI?

#14. Which layer would choose to send data over TCP or UDP?

#15. Which layer checks received packets to make sure that they haven't been corrupted?

#16. The transport layer divides the transmission up into bite-sized pieces, over TCP these are called ________

#17. Real-world computer networking is based on

#18. _____ is a connection-based protocol.

#19. NIC stands for

#20. Bluetooth is a good example of ______

#21. Which layer handles logical addressing?

#22. It's the job of the ____________ to convert the binary data of the transmission into signals and transmit them across the network, as well as receiving incoming signals and converting them back into binary data.

#23. Which layer handles encryption, compression or other transformations to the data?

#24. Components of a Computer Network are

#25. The ______________ of the OSI model essentially provides networking options to programs running on a computer.

#26. In a network, ________ is a transmission media which provides highest transmission speed.

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