Ethical Hacking MCQs For Beginners | Ethical Hacking Quiz for Beginners

This Ethical hacking Quiz is specially designed for beginners who just started learning ethical hacking or have completed the basics of ethical hacking, check your learning below.



#1. Which one of the following terms is not used in CIA triad?

#2. Which of the following is an active attack?

#3. Let suppose you got an email, in that email, sender have wrote, "your account is at risk, change your password now" and they have also provided you a link to first login into your account; this can be a example of __________.

#4. Computer Networking is an important skill to be an ethical hacker.

#5. Inserting malicious code in the input fields (like search box) of a vulnerable site to extract sensitive information from the server, this attack is called _______________.

#6. A ________ is a huge network of compromised systems and can be used by an attacker to launch denial-of-service attacks.

#7. Motive Behind Information Security Attacks Are/is

#8. Which of the following are malware?

#9. Python language can be used to write tools and scripts for ethical hacking.

#10. Attack = Motive (Goal) + Method + _______________.

#11. If I hack a system, only after taking written permission from the owner of the system, then I am a

#12. Port number of HTTP and HTTPS are ____ and ____ respectively.

#13. In the 5 phases of penetration testing, the 4th phase is ____________.

#14. Which of the following is/are password cracking tools?

#15. Which team is known specially for offensive security?

#16. __________ are performed by the trusted person who have physical access to the critical assets of the target.

#17. In a CIA Triad, what does CIA stands for

#18. OSINT stands for

#19. Which tool is most commonly used for Network Scanning?

#20. Which Operating System ranks 1st for hacking?

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