Do You Really Need A Computer Science Degree To Get A Job In IT Field?

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Before I start, I just want to let everyone know that I’m not motivating you or encouraging you to get out of your college and also I’m not saying that you should not work hard for your computer science degree if you are in 11th or 12th.

I just want to discuss the possibility of this future trend that is coming up, so I thought let me just share this with you guys.

Why students don’t want to go to colleges?

So once again I welcome you all to this blog, myself Ankit Choudhary, and today in this article I’m gonna talk about this new trend that has been coming up in which a lot of the students just don’t go to college and they don’t opt for computer science degrees, instead what they do is that they take up some alternative paths that are either they learn on their own or they take up some coding boot camps.

So that’s what I want to talk about in this article, “what is this about?” and “can it actually come to India?” and if it does come to India “what would happen to this?”.

But why am I talking about this right now?

Well, the reason is that because of the lockdown everything has been accelerated, all the classes are now moved online and because of that people are realizing that I can attend the same lectures or even better lectures (because online classes are boring) on YouTube or some other platforms where the fees are also too low so why should I be going to some colleges and paying hefty amounts just for the zoom or google meet classes.

So this has been a big acceleration that we were expecting to see in the next 5-8 years but it has happened right now.

Why I Took Admission in College?

I know that for a person who wants his career in the IT field it doesn’t make much sense for him/her to enroll in college.

But why I still enrolled myself in college? Here is the answer: in college, we’ll be having a lot of networking events, we will be able to network with people, which is very valuable. That’s the reason I’m attending my own college.

I go to college to just network with people to just learn from other people not as much to gain knowledge, because I can easily gain knowledge from other places.

A college is a great place to just talk to people and learn from their experiences and get some opportunities as well, so that’s the reason why I’m going to college for.

It can be different for other people like if you want to go into research or if you want to study some theoretical concepts, let say if you don’t want to go into computer science like a software engineering job but you want to go into the machine learning or you want to do some research into electrical engineering then for sure you would have to go to the college. That is the only way that you will be able to learn all of those skills.

But if you are not looking out for those career paths and you just want to get a software developer job in some IT company, then you should definitely look at some other alternative paths to learn those skills.

I know from my own experience just by taking a look at how computer science students study the concepts, they basically just attend the lectures and then they come back to their rooms and then they study using youtube and some other resources and blogs like, so essentially they are doing the same thing but also attending the classes and getting the degree.

Downsides and Upsides of getting admisson in college

For sure there are some downsides to not getting admission into a college but, there are some huge upsides as well, for example, it will not take years to learn software development to get a job into some tech companies, it will only take you max one to two years and also you would not be paying the high amount of college fees. So there are definitely some pros and cons to it.

Now, let’s take an example, let say there’s one person who ended up skipping college and just look a coding Bootcamp and studied over there and learned about DSA, software development and made some great projects, and got his job at a tech company, not the best tech companies like FAANG but he got a job either ways and so it just took him 7-10 months and he got his first job and he saved a lot of money.

And let say, there is another person and he spent four years and spent a lot of money and he ended up getting the same job or even like a better job but he took four years and spent a lot of money on that.

So, just decide where do you want to be in that spectrum.

So that’s what I’m talking about, this is huge and I’m so excited for something like this to happen in a country like India.

Of course, this is not happening in India anytime soon, there’s a huge industry that has been built upon colleges and coaching institutes preparing you for IITs and if it were to happen then this would be a huge loss to this complete coaching industry and colleges, so that’s what I feel about it.

And at last, if you don’t want to go to college at any cost, there is no issues with that. You can join LinkedIn, a good platform for networking.

Thank you so much for reading this article, if you have any questions please let me know in the comment section below.

Share this article with your friends that would be very much helpful if they fed up with the education system in India, then they should definitely understand there is an alternative career path for them.

There are many coding boot camps right now, you can take a look at them, they come at a very low price as compared to college fees. And that will help you learn all of those skills that you need. You can learn Data Structures and Algorithms, you can learn front-end or back-end technologies. All these you can learn in just a span of 6-7 months, no need to spend 4 years at some college and studying some random concepts.

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