[Free] How to Learn Programming at Home during Lockdown – Source Links Provided

Lockdown again started in many states due to the second wave of Coronavirus outbreaks in India. We all are again locked into our homes. Institutes again started taking online classes, but maybe your institute mentors are not good at teaching.

If you are a student of Computer Science, you may be searching for “How to Learn Programming at Home for Free?” and some other computer science subjects like Computer Architecture, Networking, etc.

Here are some of the top sources to learn programming at home for free.

1. Websites

I’ve listed some of the good websites where you can find free programming tutorials in form of video lectures or articles.

1. Freecodecamp.orgLink Here
2. Coursera.orgLink Here
3. Bitdegree.orgLink Here
4. Codecademy.comLink Here
5. W3schools.comLink Here
6. Hackr.ioLink Here
7. Tutorialspoint.comLink Here
8. SoloLearn.comLink Here
9. Udemy.comLink Here
10. Studytonight.comLink Here

2. Apps on Playstore

These are the apps that I found on the Playstore to learn programming at home for free (with quizzes).

1. SololearnLink Here
2. StudytonightLink Here
3. Programming HubLink Here
4. MimoLink Here
5. EdxLink Here
6. TelegramLink Here

3. YouTube Channels

I’ve mentioned some good YouTube videos too because not everyone can learn something by just reading. Check out these channels/playlists if you want to learn programming for free at home.

1. CodeWithHarry YouTubeLink Here
2. FreeCodeCamp YouTubeLink Here
3. Telusko YouTube Link Here
4. Edureka YouTubeLink Here
5. IntellipaatLink Here
6. Bro CodeLink Here

Final Words

If you want daily Programming Infographics or Tech Infographics, you can use Instagram for this. You can follow Instagram Pages like – @ankittechie and @techmosphere.in for this.

Ankit Choudhary
Ankit Choudhary

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