Computer vs Laptop – Which is best? What should you buy?

Whenever we think of buying a new computer, we always get confused about whether a laptop is good for us or a computer.

What is the difference between them, if a computer is better, why? or if a laptop is better, why? Why should we buy a computer? Why a Laptop?

All these types of questions come into our mind before buying. So, in this post, we gonna compare computer and laptop, which should be best suited for us.

Buying a Laptop or a Computer mainly depends on your needs that why you are planning to buy it? How will you use it?

Like if you are a person who travels daily from one place to another for your work, Laptop is a better option for you. But if don’t travel much and work at your home or your office then a Computer is the better option for you.

But traveling is not the only criteria based on which we can decide what should we buy, a computer or a laptop?

So, to be more clear while choosing between a laptop and computer, you much know the difference between them that I’ve mentioned below.

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Computer vs Laptop

1. Upgradability

We can consider this point as a huge difference between computer and laptop. If you are planning to upgrade your system in future then this is limited in laptops.

But in the case of a computer, you can upgrade every single part like the Motherboard, Processor, RAM, Storage, etc. (Note that checking the CPU and Motherboard compatibility is important while upgrading your CPU).

2. Prices

There is a huge difference between the prices of a laptop and a computer. You can get a computer at a cheaper price than a Laptop.

For example, suppose you have a budget of around 40,000 INR, then under this budget, you will a better performance from a computer than a laptop.

3. Portability

Portability means which you can carry anywhere along with you. And you already know that how hard it is to carry a computer from one place to another.

But in the case of a laptop, you can simply put it in your bag and carry it along with you and you can even use it anywhere.

4. Screen Size

The screen size of a laptop is of fixed size and you can’t replace it with a large screen size (until you are buying an extra monitor).

But in the case of computers, we can replace a small size monitor with a large one. let suppose if you are a programmer, gamer, or video editor then you will require a large screen size so I recommend you to buy a computer rather than a laptop.

5. Performance

Whenever you buy a new system whether it’s a computer or a laptop, you’ll always expect a better performance. So if you want more performance in less price then I’ll recommend you to buy a computer rather than a laptop.

For example, if we compare two systems, a laptop and a computer with a similar configuration, you will find that a computer will perform better than a laptop.

The Comparision Table

High performance as compared to a laptopLow performance as compared to computer
Hard to carryHighly portable
Highly upgradableLimited Upgradation
Choose display size, type according to your needLots of restrictions while choosing your favorite display
Cheaper than LaptopsCostly than computers
Computer vs Laptop: Main Points Compared

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