What is Whatsapp Pink? How to be safe from it? Details here

While I was scrolling the Instagram explore section, I found about 3-4 Instagram posts including reels that were talking about this new virus “WhatsApp Pink”.

What is WhatsApp Pink? Why everyone is talking about it? Today, I’m going to share everything that I know about this new trending WhatsApp Pink.

What is WhatsApp Pink?

WhatsApp Pink is a malicious apk file, a Virus which when we install in our phone, gets full access to our phone, it steals our sensitive data from our phone and forwards its own downloading link to our contacts and promises that it is a new WhatsApp app with some extra features which can’t be found on regular WhatsApp.

Why everyone is talking about it?

Cybersecurity researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia first tweeted about this new WhatsApp Pink. He wrote, “Beware of WhatsApp Pink!! A Virus is being spread on whatsapp groups with an APK download link. Don’t click any link with the name of #WhatsAppPink”. Complete access to your phone will be lost”,

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He also shared some images of the link of WhatsApp Pink.

WhatsApp Pink is a new virus targeting WhatsApp users, can take complete  control over victim's phone - Techmosphere

How to be Safe from WhatsApp Pink?

The first thing to keep in mind is not to click on any such link shared over any social media because “Prevention is better than cure”.

Here are some tips to be safe from WhatsApp Pink:

1. Uninstall #WhatsAppPink Immediately.
2. Unlink all Whatsapp Web Devices.
3. Clear Browser cache from settings.
4. Check Permission for all Apps.
5. If found any suspicious permission to any app, revoke it.

After following all these steps, if you still feel that your phone is still affected, then resetting your phone will help.

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How to be safe from such attacks in future?

Here I’ve shared some safety tips to be safe on the internet, these tips will prevent you from being a victim of such hacking attacks in the future.

1. Know the dangers of the internet
2. Beware of strangers
3. Watch out for phishing
4. Choose strong passwords
5. Download apps from Playstore only
6. Keep your social media accounts secure
7. Be careful what you post
8. Shop online only from secure sites
9. Backup data regularly
10. Keep your internet connection secure [VPN]
11. Install a comprehensive cybersecurity suite
12. When in doubt, call support
13. Be careful what you download
14. Go private on public Wi-Fi [VPN]
15. Close unused accounts

Final Words

Never trust any link share on WhatsApp. May be that link is shared by the virus automatically. So always avoid downloading things from untrusted sources.

Share this article with your friends and family to make them aware about this new Virus – WhatsApp Pink.

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  1. How can we use whatsapp pink to do an attack to other devices is it a phishish , snifffing ,or what typ of attack

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