What is Pegasus Spyware? How to detect and remove Pegasus Spyware? How does Pegasus Spyware affect your device?

Pegasus, Pegasus, and Pegasus. Whenever I open social media or tech news sites or YouTube, the only thing that I hear or see is Pegasus spyware.

What is this Pegasus spyware? Why we are hearing this name everywhere? Are we safe?

So today in this article, we are gonna see, “what is pegasus spyware? and to how to detect it?”

What is spyware?

Spyware is a part of malicious software (malware), once it is installed on a system, it has the potential to steal your data, track all your activities like call logs, text messages, activity logs, your location, you google searches, etc.

It can also listen to your mic, it can access the camera in the background, etc. Now let’s see “what is pegasus spyware?”.

What is Pegasus Spyware?

It is part of the Malware family, coded and created by an Israel-based NSO Group (a private organization that designs spyware). This spyware was made to spy on the activities of criminals, terrorists, and other bad people.

Spying on these kinds of people can help our Governments, police, and agencies to save our society, the country from these terrorists and criminals, and in the end, make this world a safe place to live for common people like you and me.

Why Pegasus Spyware is trending?

According to lots of news channels and news websites, it is being said that, this spyware is being used to spy on Journalists and Politicians. This is the only reason behind why pegasus spyware is trending.

Can it affect our devices?

The answer to this question is, Yes. This spyware can affect all android and iOS versions available until a patch update is pushed to prevent this spyware from spying.

My recommendation is that, update all your apps and systems as soon as you find the updates available. Don’t install apps from any websites other than the Google Playstore. Use VPN while surfing through public WiFi.

How to detect and remove it?

According to Kaspersky, there is a tool available in the market which you can find on GitHub. The name of the tool is Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT), this tool can help you identify (but there is no guarantee) if the spyware is present in your device or not.

You can read the installation and usage documentation on the repository page of the MVT tool.

I hope this article will help you in staying safe from these kinds of malware attacks. Thank you for reading! Stay Safe and Keep Learning.

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