How to Earn Money online during Lockdown 2021 in India? – 7 Ways to Earn

It has been more than one year since lockdown started in our Country. Many people lost their jobs, many people were searching for jobs but lost their hope just because of the Lockdown.

Don’t lose hope guys, I wrote this article to help you in this critical situation.

I’ll tell you some of the effective ways by which you can earn a good amount of money during this lockdown. Even my earning resources are included in this article.

And listen, guys, let me clear you one thing that, this article is only for those who have some skills or who are always hungry to learn new skills.

Now let’s see How to Earn Money online in Lockdown 2021 in India?

1) Youtube Thumbnail Creation

Yes, you read it right.

You can now earn money by just creating YouTube thumbnails. Don’t worry, you don’t need to master Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, You only need to learn one tool which will take only one week.

This tool is loved by millions of people over the world. The name of this tool is Canva. It is a free and easy-to-use tool available in the market.

Now, after learning this tool for one week, it’s time to earn some money.

Search some top YouTubers (with 100K+ Subs) who post videos daily, go to their social media handle, and message them that you can create thumbnails for their YouTube videos. Show them some good samples. While messaging make sure that those messages look formal.

Here is a easy video tutorial for you.

2) Instagram Posts Creation

Again a work, for which you just need to learn Canva.

Search Instagram pages with around 50K+ followers and DM them that you can create posts for them. For carousels, you can charge a minimum of 200 INR. Suppose you are creating content for five Instagram pages per day, which means five posts per day. Then your monthly earning will be 5*200*30=30,000 INR, sounds good?

This is the minimum amount you can earn from home during lockdown, possibilities are endless.

3) Freelancing

You know what guys, peoples are earning lakhs just by doing freelancing and you can earn too. But, if you want to earn a huge amount of money then at least one skill is required.

In the above two methods, you need to approach creators and businesses, but in this method, businesses and creators will approach you. Isn’t it cool guys?

For in depth details about freelancing, watch the video attached below.

4) Blogging

This method is also a great way to earn money. Even people quit their jobs to become a blogger because they are earning more than what they were earning from their job.

Ya it takes some time but it’s fruitful too. Here I’ve attached a video where blogging is explained.

5) YouTube

I don’t think, this topic need any explanation.

The only requirements for becoming a YouTuber are, a mobile, a skill, and a decent internet connection.

Learn at least one skill then start a YouTube channel, record a good video and just upload it. You only need to use some good strategy to rank your videos in the search and recommendations.

Don’t know how to start a YouTube channel? Don’t worry, here is a video for you.

6) Affiliate Marketing

What if I tell you that you can other’s products and earn a good income. In affiliate marketing, what you need to do is just create your account on different affiliate programs and there you will get the personalized links to different products. Just copy those products link and share them with others.

Whenever someone buys products from your link, you’ll get a commission. As a beginner, you can start this from amazon.

Tip: Always choose a product from trusted brands and those which are best sellers.

How to start as an amazon associate? Here is a video attached for you.

7) Remove Background

Weird, right? But people are earning from this too. Want proof?

Go to Fiverr and search ‘remove background’, you’ll see that lots of people are earning by just removing backgrounds and you can earn too. What are you waiting for? Just go and create your first gig.

There is a site called Remove Bg, there you can easily remove backgrounds of any image for free.

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