Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2021

Hey there everyone, welcome to one more interesting article on! Today we are gonna talk about the top programming languages that you can consider learning in 2021.

This article is based on lots of analysis and reports present over the internet. So, without wasting much time let’s head to the list of Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2021.

1) JavaScript

We’re gonna keep the number one programming language as JavaScript this year and it is a neck to neck with the number two contender you obviously know that. But I’ve realized that the world is really really moving fast in the world of JavaScript.

I don’t recommend learning just JavaScript, if you are learning that, you should also spend a little bit more time learning TypeScript.

In the next year, I expect that TypeScript is gonna get a tremendous amount of support. Once you are done with learning JavaScript and TypeScript, make sure you learn at least one framework (my recommendation, go for ReactJS).

Now, let’s move to our second programming language in this list.

2) Python

Picking the second programming language was not really that difficult, it’s Python and obviously, if you are under 22 of your age, chances are high that you are currently in love with this language.

This is one of the most fantastic language and easy to understand but don’t learn just Python. My recommendation is at least to learn one more framework in Python, I recommend you to go for Django.

You can explore more other libraries like python machine learning and data science after that but my recommendation, learn Python -> sharpen your skills in Python -> master it and after that learn at least one framework (go for Django).

Picking up the third spot was a little bit tricky but this year, I’m gonna take a leap of faith and I’m gonna give the third spot to C++.

3) C++

A language that I personally love ❤, it’s fantastic, very powerful and, let me burst out the myth as well, these are languages, these are not dependencies which are going to depend on something else.

You can learn C++ directly, this language contains all the functions, loops, variables, and if-else on its own as well, so until and unless the teacher is getting too lazy to explain them again, you can learn C++ directly too.

Let me give you something more, C++ is an amazingly powerful language that is giving so much competition to go in other programming languages.

Don’t just learn C++ from some book which is published in the 90s, learn something new and fresh. C++ 17 has so many features about memory management, there is so much in the concurrency which was updated in C++ 20.

So make sure you don’t learn just the outdated stuff, you learn everything new which is there given to you by C++ and explore this amazing paradigm that C++ can teach you.

4) Java

At spot number four, we’re gonna put up Java, now of course there are some issues in the licensing of Java in the last couple of years and there has been some noise around it.

But, we cannot avoid the fact that Java is so much deep in the IT industry and so much deeply penetrated roots that we cannot just say that it’s gone.

My recommendation is that, if you are learning Java, don’t just learn it for the functions and classes, make sure at least one really powerful framework is in your mind as well.

Try to explore more about the spring and spring boot frameworks and libraries and they’re gonna give you so much more in this language. Still this date, there is so much demand for the spring boot, that you will be surprised to know that how deep its roots are.

Now let’s go ahead and move on to the number five spot. So, what it might be? Let me give you a little surprise 😁 here, at number five I’m gonna put up – PHP 👀.

5) PHP

So, PHP acquires the fifth position in this list, love it hate it, doesn’t really matter. The market share of this language alone on the entire internet is so high that if anybody is making any such top 5 or top 10 list and if you are avoiding PHP, you are making a big mistake.

PHP is still a dominant language especially in the developing countries where it is a tool for many to do business and you and I might love a programming language or hate another one, but for a business, it’s just is a tool to have its website up and running so he can grab a business and tons and tons of developing countries are still dependent of PHP putting up hundreds of hundreds of lines of codes of WordPress and a lot of code to make that possible.

In the last year, PHP has got some great and brilliant updates, and still, the ability of this language to run on a bare minimum configured server is insanely amazing and for such amount of work and such amount of cheap hardware on which this language can run, it truly amazes me.

6) Some More

Apart from that, I would like to mention two honorable mentions of the language that were gaining their popularity but always get some high and then get some lows. These are GO and C-SHARP.

Now, at one point I thought that GO is gonna overcome all the languages even C++, but then C++ 20 came up and gave some fantastic updates so it declined a little bit in popularity there. So, as of now, I’m assuming that GO and C-SHARP can pick up their pace probably anytime in 2021 but, they deserve their honorable mention here.

Now, let me know if you agree or disagree with my list in the comment section. Also, do comment topic on which you want me to write the next article.

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