Why Instagram, Facebook & Twitter can be Banned in India 2021?

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter may get banned in India from tomorrow. Why? What are the reasons behind this decision by our Indian Government? I think most of you know the reason. But if you don’t know, let me give the exact reason behind this.

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In February 2021, new IT guidelines were published by the Indian Govt. for Social Media platforms and OTT platforms. All these platforms were requested to have a special cell to resolve users’ problems, to inspect social media contents for hate content and if found, these cells need to take action and remove these contents as soon as possible.

All these social media were allotted some time period to accept these guidelines and the deadline for this is 25th May 2021. So, now if these social media don’t follow these guidelines by our Government, then govt. will ban these social media (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter).

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In India, Koo is the only social media that followed these guidelines by our India govt and there are no updates from any other social media on this guideline.

So now, I hope you guys got the exact reason behind this Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ban in India.

Ankit Choudhary
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